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Fasty lashing straps

FASTY Strap Uses!

FASTY 'Own Brand' Straps

For the personal touch take advantage of FASTY's 'own brand' programme
- Your corporate colours, your name, phone number, website details etc woven into the webbing!

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FASTY Straps Handy - put to good use!
FASTY  'Own Brand' Promotional Ideas
Volvo V70 estate
Fasty straps are now Volvo original accessories!
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FASTY Lashing/Luggage Straps - Fasty Transport/All-Pack/Handy/Handy Smart/Over-Centre/Strap-Winch/Boxlift/CPU Holder/Cable-straps/Storm-straps/Other-straps/Ratchet-turnbuckles/Moose-strap/Dog-lead/Lifty straps/Ski and snowboard straps/Reflector straps and accessories
Quality of Sweden
FASTY Transport Strap assortment
FASTY STRAPS: Fasty Transport Assortment FS126

Fasty Transport range

The Fasty Transport series of 25mm wide polypropelene lashing/luggage straps is suitable for most domestic and light commercial lashing applications, with a rated strength of 400kg. Each strap is rolled, labelled and EAN bar coded. Available in twin-packs, pinpacks, assortment (shown), 8 packs and individually.

Fasty All-Pack range

The Fasty All-Pack is a lighter duty range of polypropelene lashing straps, appropriate for most domestic and leisure applications. There are three 20mm 300kg straps and one 25mm 400kg strap.
Available in twin-packs, pinpacks (shown), assortment, 10 packs and individually.

FASTY All-Pack Strap pin-packs

Fasty lashing and luggage straps
for speed, strength and value

Fasty Handy single straps
FASTY STRAPS: Fasty Handy - the strap with the handle

Fasty Handy range

The Fasty Handy, the strap with a handle is a lashing strap with unlimited uses. It opens up a whole new world of strap applications around the home and the workplace. As with our 'own branded' programme generally, the promotional opportunities are phenomenal. Tested to 400kg.
Available in 8 packs and individually (shown). 'Own branded' options are availble.

FASTY Over-centre Strap
FASTY STRAPS: Fasty Over-centre Strap

Fasty Over-centre strap

The remarkable Over-centre buckle not only adds tension to the load but is approved for loads up to 800kg, double the load of conventional 25mm strap buckles. We are very proud to be able to offer you what is undoubtedly "the strongest 25mm loading strap on the market!"

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FASTY Handy Cable straps (FS166)
FASTY STRAPS: Fasty Handy Cable strap

Fasty Cable straps

Fasty Cable straps are available in two versions, the standard strap, and the Handy strap which is ideal for holding hoses too. The strap should be attached permanently to a cable, so that it is always on hand.

FASTY Handy Smart straps (FS198)
FASTY STRAPS: Fasty Handy Smart

Fasty Handy Smart

The Handy Smart strap is designed for car tyres. The package includes four handle straps with woven text for each tyre... Back left, Front left, Back right, Front right. They are easy to carry in each hand, which reduces the risk of you getting dirty or hurting your back.

FASTY LIFTY 'LEG' (FS165) lashing strap
FASTY STRAPS: Fasty Lifty Leg Strap
FASTY Strap Winch
FASTY STRAPS: Fasty Strap Winch
FASTY DOG LEAD / MOOSE and ELK PULLER (FS197) lashing strap
FASTY STRAPS: Fasty Dog Lead/Moose Puller

Fasty Lifty strap

The FASTY Lifty 'Leg' Strap is recommended by physiotherapists as an aid for raising legs. Made from soft, 25mm wide polypropylene, it's adjustable at both ends and features a handle and a foot loop.

Fasty Strap Winch

The Strap Winch with its polyester buckle and load stop is designed for use on 32mm x 22mm roof bars, and is particularly useful for people who load and unload frequently. Often used for carrying surfboards!

Fasty Dog Lead/Moose Puller

Fasty's dog lead is also sold as a moose / elk puller - so you can be sure it is incredibly strong! (Fasty is based in Sweden where, if you were an elk, you'd be wise to head for Norway in late September!)

NEW product
NEW product
NEW product

At FASTY we specialise in domestic and light commercial straps to 2000kg

After 25 years of working with our customers, and refining our products, we think we have an understanding of our market that is second to none!

Our stock items, the 20mm and 25mm polypropelene straps -
Allpack and Transport - are just a small part of what we do. For instance, the popular Handy - a strap with a handle - is not only useful, but makes an ideal corporate gift, whilst the Over-centre strap is undoubtedly the strongest 25mm loading strap on the market!

new standard 25mm buckle is the strongest of its type available. All our buckles are finished in black, environmentally friendly zinc/iron trivalent chrome, which provides the best corrosion resistance on the market, as well as meeting the Volvo standard. Fasty straps are Volvo original accessories!

FASTY Straps Handy - put to good use!
FASTY Straps Handy - put to good use!