Fasty Strap Winch

The Strap Winch
with its polyester buckle and load stop is designed for use on 32mm x 22mm roof bars, and is particularly useful for people who load and unload frequently. Often used for carrying surfboards!

The design is an ingenious one. You load directly against the accompanying load stop, providing quick and easy loading, and no need to tie off the loose ends.

The Strap Winch is very robustly made. All metal parts are galvanised and intended for constant use. It also features auto locking and a built in quick release function.

Fasty Strap Winch

FS140 - 1 complete pc - 200cm poly webbing, blue, 500kg

Strap winch with polyester buckle and load stop. 25mm wide strap. Auto locking and quick release function.

FASTY Strap Winch
FASTY Strap Winch on a Car
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Strap Winch
FASTY Strap Winch
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