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FASTY Straps 25mm buckle
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Buckles and straps
FASTY Straps Handy - put to good use!
FASTY STRAPS: fasty straps and buckles

Fasty buckles and straps

The strongest straps on the market
– now even stronger!

Our redesigned straps have been improved in a
number of ways, two of which deserve
particular mention:

The opening has been enlarged to make it
easier to fit the strap, and we have used
a stronger new spring to further
enhance the quality feel.

All our buckles are finished in black,
environmentally friendly
zinc/iron trivalent chrome,
which provides the best
corrosion resistance on the
market, as well as meeting
the Volvo standard.

FASTY is also the only manufacturer in the
world to have developed two special machines
for totally automatic fitting of buckles.
This ensures maximum reliability, since every
single buckle is checked before it is fitted to the strap.

The remarkable Over-centre buckle not only adds tension to the load but is approved for loads up to 800kg, double the load of conventional 25mm strap buckles. We are very proud to be able
to offer you what is undoubtedly

the strongest 25mm loading strap on the market!

FASTY STRAPS: fasty straps and buckles
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